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Structural Engineering

We offer a full range of structural engineering services

  • New Construction
  • Additions & Renovation
  • Structural Inspection
  • Coastal Engineering
  • Site Structural Design
  • Specialty Structural Design
  • New Construction

New Construction

Experts in creative engineering solutions to achieve the client’s architectural vision. We work with architects and builders to come up with a design that is constructible and does not compromise design intent.

  • Full phase design and construction engineering service including schematic design, permit sets, construction drawings, and construction administration
  • Design of building superstructure including materials such as wood, steel, stainless steel, concrete, glue-lams, heavy timber, etc.
  • Design of building foundations including traditional footings, deep piles (timber or helical piles) and waterproof hydrostatic basements
  • Advanced 3D modeling and analysis utilizing the latest industry leading technology

sructural engineering pile foundation steel frame
  • Additions & Renovation

Additions & Renovation

We recognize the difficulties of working within existing conditions. We utilize our experience to work within the existing parameters, while reinforcing and modifying to achieve the proposed changes.

  • Inspections to verify existing conditions in order to expand horizontally and vertically
  • Modification of existing foundations to meet up-to-date code requirements (including FEMA compliance)
  • Experts in the preservation and restoration of historical structures

structural engineering addition framing
  • Structural Inspection

Structural Inspection

Vast structural experience to assist in resolving issues, protecting interests, and providing guidance on the best path forward.

  • Historic buildings for evaluation and safety
  • Evaluation of construction deficiencies
  • Consultation on existing Flood zone conformance and structural items for considerations in new purchases

structural engineering inspection steel framing
  • Coastal Engineering

Coastal Engineering

We work with the difficult environmental factors to create resilient structures in harsh environments.

  • Wave runup, storm surge force prediction analysis, and “soft” shoreline alternatives report
  • Design of hardened shorelines, as well as softened shorelines, erosion prevention plans
  • Engineering of specialty marine structures such as docks, stone revetments, boat ramps, and bulkheads

structural engineering coastal shoreline bulkhead
  • Site Structural Design

Site Structural Design

Our structural expertise extends beyond the main structure, as the entire site makes the project.

  • Design of pool structures including steel reinforcement, and support for the concrete shell within Flood zones and on compromised soils
  • Retaining walls, pergolas and other accessory landscape structure design
  • Supports, foundations, and baseplate anchorage for sculptures and art work

structural engineering pool retaining wall
  • Specialty Structural Design

Specialty Structural Design

Unique, structures and assemblies are integral to high end residential projects. We provide the design and detailing to achieve these awe-inspiring architectural elements.

  • Monumental staircase design
  • Finite element analysis for miscellaneous structural items
  • Support for custom millwork and stone work
  • Design for exterior glazing support in high wind speed regions

structural engineering monumental staircase

Structural Capabilities

BIM Expertise

We utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) to create 3D structural models (using Revit and other similar tools) for seamless integration of our design with the rest of the design team.

Collaboration & Communication

Our engineers work closely with architects, owners, and designers from the creation of individualized design criteria to the project's customized engineering approach to ensure a practical design inline with our clients vision.

Innovative Approach

We have experience integrating various non-traditional materials and analysis processes to ensure the architectural intent is maintained throughout the design.

Construction Experience

With real world construction experience our staff is familiar with the difficulties faced in the field. We account for these realities in creating practical design solutions to complex problems.

What Our Clients Say

We work with a range of clients including architects, builders, owners, and consultants.

“I met with Paul DiLandro this week at a clients house for a pre inspection of a waterfront property. He could not have been any better or more professional. He is very knowledgeable, competent and noticed every little detail. Could not have asked for a better Company to work with. Outstanding!!!”

P. Bolo

Southampton, New York

“We've worked with everyone at DiLandro Andrews for years with our test boring company and have witnessed how knowledgeable they are with all of our customers. They are quick to respond to a phone call or email and are continuously willing to go the extra mile to make sure that our customers have a positive experience.

We are always happy to recommend DiLandro Andrews to our customers and are extremely confident that everyone will be happy with their work thanks to their detail oriented and professional approach to all jobs.”

Brooke DeLiso

Slacke Test Boring