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Condensation Resistance Factor of Windows

Condensation is a common problem that occurs in residential structures, particularly in coastal areas like Long Island and the Hamptons where high humidity levels and temperature fluctuations can exacerbate the…

Morgan Poulos Keating, PE

Deep Excavations – Impact of Poor Draining Soils on Long Island Septic Design (I/A-OWTS)

Long Island is home to some of the most impressively designed buildings on the east coast, but not all land beneath them is created equal. Imagine this: a breathtaking coastal…

Matthew Zbikowski

Long Island Septic Systems – Shift to I/A-OWTS

Much of Long Island, especially Suffolk County, uses septic systems because the area is relatively rural and has a low population density. Septic systems are typically used in areas where…

Frank Cuffaro

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How much will your new home cost to build?

Structural Materials Calculator

Estimate the amount of concrete and steel required for your new construction project.

Septic System Calculator

Estimate of potential size, cost and configuration options for a new I/A septic system.

Do You Need a Septic Upgrade? 

Will your project trigger the requirement to upgrade your existing septic system?

Do you Need a HERS rating?

Based on your project scope and location, will you need a HERS rating?

Civil Engineering Services Required Calculator

Determine the potential civil engineering services required for your project.