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Bedroom Counting for Septic System Sizing

Wastewater management is a crucial aspect of residential construction that architects, builders, and homeowners must consider when planning a new build or renovation on Long Island. Due to the limited…

Frank Cuffaro

Condensation Resistance Factor of Windows

Condensation is a common problem that occurs in residential structures, particularly in coastal areas like Long Island and the Hamptons where high humidity levels and temperature fluctuations can exacerbate the…

Morgan Poulos Keating, PE

Civil Engineering Technology: Future Outlook in Residential & Commercial Construction

As the construction industry evolves, civil engineering technology remains pivotal in shaping both residential and commercial construction. Advancements help construction companies plan projects, improve safety, and enhance communication among teams—which…

Frank Cuffaro

Residential Civil Engineering Implications on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have begun to take the residential construction world by storm, providing flexible living options that cater to a variety of needs. When it comes to ADU…

Frank Cuffaro

What is Stormwater Management and Why is it Important?

Stormwater management is a crucial practice designed to handle excess runoff from rain and melting snow that flows over streets, parking lots, roofs, and other impermeable surfaces. Without proper management,…

Frank Cuffaro

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