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Sag Harbor Bayfront

Project Details

Architect :    KOSA
Construction Type :    Steel w/ Wood Infill
Services :    Structural & Civil Engineering
Builder :    DeVito & Company, Inc
Photographer :    Read McKendree / JBSA

Project Summary

Situated in Sag Harbor, this 6,500-square-foot waterfront residence features stunning views of Peconic Bay. The home, with its extensive cantilevers and large apertures, was designed to maximize views and enhance indoor-outdoor connectivity.
sag harbor bayfront challenge overview

Engineering Challenges

Achieving this required careful engineering to ensure structural integrity while fulfilling the architectural vision. Facing the challenge of significant wind pressures due to its waterfront location, the residence demanded a robust design to withstand lateral forces, which DAE achieved through precise analysis using RAM elements software. To ensure minimal lateral deflections and uphold the building's envelope, HSS tubes were strategically placed around the roof's periphery, connecting to girders for enhanced stiffness against uplift and lateral forces. The ground floor barbecue patio, seamlessly covered by the cantilevered first-floor deck, required DAE to engineer beams that meet strict deflection criteria, particularly important for the functionality of the residence's expansive sliding glass doors.

Core Design Concepts

Covered Exterior Area

This project has a two story gorgeous outdoor living area overlooking Little Peconic Bay.

The single visible column supports double steel cantilevers at the roof and second floor to allow for wide open views of the water.

Monumental Staircase

These types of “floating/open tread” stairs are staples of end residential homes.

When stairs get more complex than the typical wood framed construction we design the stringer and tread sizes to limit deflection and provide construction details for critical connections (welds & fasteners).

Construction Administration

DAE was involved in construction administration from the
pre-fabrication efforts to erection of steel frames. Detailing for the connections was essential to verify on site before all the temporary supports were removed.