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Springs New Build

Project Details

Architect :    Shawn F. Leonard
Construction Type :    Wood Frame
Services :    Civil Engineering
Surveyor :    Gary Benz
Builder :    New Sunshine Builders

Project Summary

We were tasked with the civil engineering for a new construction farmhouse in the Springs Hamlet of East Hampton. Overlooking Gardiner's Bay, Springs is known as one of the best-kept secrets in the Hamptons but presents a myriad of engineering challenges. Lack of public water availability requires the use of private wells and the relatively smaller lot sizes results in increased density.

Engineering Challenges

When working in area's of Long Island where public water is not available it introduces additional design challenges. The Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS) requires adequate separation (100-150' depending on the circumstances) between sanitary systems and private water wells.

To meet these requirements we must locate all of the neighboring wells and septic systems surrounding the property and ensure proper setbacks to the systems we are proposing. In areas with relatively smaller lots, this can pose significant design challenges and severely limit the potential locations where a septic system can be placed.

Core Design Concepts

Fitting Well + Septic

Due to the locations of the existing wells on the neighboring properties and the proposed well to provide water to the subject property, there was limited space to place the septic system. Due to the tight constraints, SCDHS allowed the septic system had to be placed in the back yard and approved the use of bends in the main waste line, both of which are typically not permitted.

45 Degree Bends

45 degree bends in a waste line are typically not allowed, only in extenuating circumstances. However, when they are permitted, cleanouts to grade must be installed ahead of the bend to ensure any potential flow issues can be mitigated.

Fuji Clean I/A OWTS

Since July of 2021, SCDHS requires the installation of Innovative and Alternative Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (I/A OWTS). A Fuji Clean CEN-5 is shown here along with associated fan and control panel which must be within line of site of the treatment tank.