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Sag Harbor Cove

Project Details

Architect :    Andre Kikoski Architect PLLC
Construction Type :    Wood and Steel Framed
Services :    Geotechnical & Structural Engineering

Project Summary

DAE provided structural engineering for three striking 10,000-square-foot residential buildings situated on the waterfront, overlooking Sag Harbor Cove. Given the coastal location and the structures' extensive use of glass, our design was developed to withstand the coastal environment's harsh conditions. The residences boast large north-facing glass walls with uninterrupted views of the marina and bay and required unique structural solutions to support heavy interior finishes and furniture used throughout the space. DAE's team led the foundation engineering, analyzing soil reports and leveraging detailed calculations to establish a robust helical pile and grade beam system. This foundation supports a superstructure of steel and composite diaphragms, reinforced with lateral bracings, ensuring stability against high wind and securing the integrity of the expansive glass façades.
sag harbor cove project details

Engineering Challenges

Due to unsatisfactory in-situ soil conditions and close proximity to shore, the key challenge was to achieve the designed bearing capacity. Soil report was carefully related to the ongoing insertion of piles on site. DAE used state of the art tools to model the soil and keep updating the calculations asper the pile driving logs. It was noticed that helical piles were not achieving the expected capacity asper the specified designed ultimate torque ratings. This required multiple site meetings with contractors to keep observing the pile logs and notify the engineer for instant re-evaluation of the foundation design to timely flag any anomaly.

Core Design Concepts

Analysis Model

Structure was analyzed using state of the art tools such RAM Structural Systems. Lateral force resisting system was precisely engineered keeping in mind the full height glass windows in-order to comply with window manufacturer serviceability criteria. The glass pool on the roof top required special considerations with regards to nodal movement of the structure to minimize lateral deflections.

Braced Frames

Moment frames were the integral part of the structure. Due to the full height windows, it was difficult to achieve the required stiffness without compromising the head height by using deep steel beams. Therefore, braced frames were introduced after repeated coordination with the window manufacturer.

Floating Kitchen Cabinets

The floating kitchen cabinets with granite top was designed to provided the desired interior of the kitchen cabinetry. Cantilevered steel tubes were integrated with the primary structure in order to support the granite finish of the counter top.