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Dune Road BayFront

Project Details

Architect :    Bruce Nagel + Partners Architect
Construction Type :    Hybrid Steel & Wood
Services :    Structural Engineering

Project Summary

DiLandro Andrews Engineering provided services for the main structure (3,500 sqft), deck, and gunite pool framing and foundation. This project is in a VE floor zone so careful consideration was taken to design code compliant, safe structures that limit effects from wave forces.

Engineering Challenges

The major obstacle in this structural design was the positioning of this project in a FEMA VE zone, within the LiMWA (Limit of Moderate Wave Action).

Structures within the VE zone need to meet FEMA's requirements for Free of Obstruction construction. The first floor was elevated over the design flood elevation (DFE) and the foundation support below the floor elevation consisted of concrete piers to allow passage of water.

An enclosed, unfinished "ground floor" below the DFE was requested by the client so DAE designed breakaway walls between the concrete piers that would breakaway during severe flood evens (so as to not impose wave forces on the main structure).

Core Design Concepts

Monumental Staircase Design

One of the key architectural elements in this home is a spiral free standing staircase. DAE designed the main structural column, curved stringer, and treads to carry occupancy loads while meeting serviceability (deflection/vibration) criteria for comfortable use during it's life.

Lateral Design

Being in a highly exposed area on the ocean there were increased wind pressures that the engineers had to account for while designing this home. The use of plywood shear walls and steel moment frames were implemented to create a strong main wind force resisting system (MWFRS).

Timber Pile Foundation

Being situated on the water does not aways result in sub par bearing capacity but in this location it had. The team at DAE designed a timber pile supported foundation with grade beams to provide a solid base for the concrete piers and framing above.