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Residential Structural Engineering: 3 Trends That Will Shape 2024

Far-off beach front image of the Dune Road BayFront project

Why Do Trends Matter for Residential Structural Engineers? Trends in residential structural engineering reflect the evolving needs and challenges of society. As communities grow and environmental concerns rise, engineers must adapt their methods to create safer, more sustainable homes. Implementing trends like sustainability and energy efficiency requires a blend of smart material choices with green…

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Using a Building Material Calculator to Optimize Construction Project Planning

View of a building's interior wooden structure

Inaccurate material and cost estimates throw a wrench into the cogs of construction project planning. Rising material expenses and tight budgets elevate the cost of estimation and planning errors early on in a project; budget overruns can escalate rapidly, bleeding resources that could have been allocated elsewhere. Ensuring estimations are reasonable and accurate is paramount…

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Understanding Shear Walls: Design, Construction, and Importance

structural engineering insights lateral force

When designing any structure, two directions of loading must be considered: gravity and lateral loads. Gravity loads account for critical factors such as the weight of the structure, snow loads, live loads due to human occupancy.  Incorrectly designing for these can lead to excess deflection in beams and joists, resulting in cracked ceilings, squeaky floors,…

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