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Paul Capozzola


dilandro andrews team paul capozzola

As an entry level structural engineer, Paul is responsible for all aspects of the structural design of each project that is assigned to him.  This includes overall framing, beam design, beam connections, foundation design, wind shear design, and column design. In addition to this, it is Paul’s responsibility to contact the client if there are any problems or concerns with the initial design of the building, or if there is a needed solution from the client to ensure structural soundness while preserving the initial architectural design. Paul works closely with the structural engineering manager to ensure that no mistakes are made and that each design is as safe and efficient as possible.

As a relatively new employee, Paul has just begun his engineering career here at Dilandro Andrews Engineering. Before starting here, he worked for 3 years in the construction field while home from college. While working in the field, he gained much knowledge of the structural design aspects of modern luxury houses, like the ones that he now models. This knowledge transferred directly to his position and helps him see his projects more easily while also keeping the contractor and cost of materials in mind. Originally studying to become an aerospace engineer, while working in the construction field, Paul decided that structural engineering would be a great fit.

LinkedIn Profile
Project Experience.
  • Structual Design
  • Project management and coordination
  • Modeling in Autocad, RAM, Ennercalc
  • Experience in the field on construction sites
  • State University of Buffalo, Bachelor of Science: Aerospace Engineering

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